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    2021: Full and Running

    Adolescents are experimenting with drugs much earlier, placing them at a higher risk for addiction and related harm. Substance use has a substantial impact on not only on the user’s physical and mental health, but also has devastating consequences for the family and society at large. The growing problem of addictions (alcohol, drugs and behavioral health issues like gambling and internet addiction) on the one hand and lack of trained service providers on the other hand, led to a huge “treatment gap”. There is an urgent need to bridge this treatment gap in this specialized area of public health importance.

    Potential Learners:

    1. Psychiatrists

    2. MD/DPM/DNB Psychiatry Residents (Completed or Ongoing).

    3. Doctors (MBBS or above) who have completed the online “Certificate course in Basics of Addiction Management” course from CAM and VKN NDA ECHO.

    Program Benefits:

    1. Becoming equipped to handle patients with addiction related issues 

    2. Focusing on patient-centric care and increasing knowledge about evidence-based practice for addictive disorders

    3. Becoming part of an addiction treatment experts network and real-time access and interaction with like-minded clinicians 

    4. Certificate of completion if fulfilling the course requirements

    5. Option of Friday one to one e-consult facility with addiction experts from NIMHANS

    2021 January : Completed  For more information, kindly visit:


    Objectives of this 6 month online course 
     1. Identify the mental health disorders like Anxiety disorders, Depressive Disorders, Alcohol use Disorders, Nicotine use disorders, and Psychotic disorders
    2. Formulate the pharmacological treatment for Depressive disorders, Anxiety disorders, Alcohol use disorders and nicotine use disorders
    3. Prioritize what can be managed by you and what needs to be referred to Specialist  

    More details 

    Welcome to B35 digital Blended learning course for doctors (MBBS and above)

    Course is Completed in June 2021