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This e-learning course is to supplement the ongoing blended tele-ECHO sessions/clinics

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Center for Addiction Medicine and NIMHANS Digital Academy ECHO  has collaborated with LGBRIMH Tezpur, Gujarat Digital Academy of Mental Health, Ahemedabad, Mental Health Institute SCB Medical College Cuttack and running various ECHO programs focussed on Mental Health and addiction. All courses have been designed by subject matter experts (Clinicians) to give you an interactive and enjoyable and patient/client centric learning experience.

    Available courses

    Academics: Centre for Addiction Medicine(Oct 22-Sept 23)

    Welcome😀 (2nd Cycle: Oct 22 to Sept 23)

    • This is a learning repository for Trainees, Residents, Faculty  and staff of Centre for Addiction Medicine.
    • The access will be during the duration of posting at the Centre for Addiction Medicine and also after completion of the posting.
    • This also will have materials for weekly academic CAM
    • Please use hyperlinks for uploading rather than full material in view of space constraints in the cloud.

    Running: July 22: Certificate course on the Basics of Addiction Management for Doctors 13.0

    This is a Continued Professional Development Course of 30 hrs approximately: 4 months


    On course completion,  one should be able to:

    • Incorporate Screening and Brief intervention in their clinical practice 

    • Differentiating the various factors leading to Addiction/abuse by integrating hereditary, neurobiological and Psycho-social factors for a holistic approach

    • Select appropriate and safe pharmacological agents on the basis of best evidence as well as the patient profile for alcohol use disorder

    • Review psychosocial management 

    • Decision making in referring the patient to expert

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    Academics:Centre for Addiction Medicine (Oct21-Sept22)

    Welcome😀 (CAM Oct 21-Sept 22)

    • This is learning repository for Trainees, Residents, Faculty  and staff working  at Centre for Addiction Medicine
    • The access will be during the  duration of posting at Centre for Addiction Medicine.
    • This also will have materials for weekly academic of CAM
    • Please use hyperlink for uploading rather than full material in view of  space constraint in cloud.

    Running: Comprehensive  Tobacco Cessation Certificate Course

    A Digital course in the Blended learning format spread over 3 months (12 live sessions and self paced reading materials on LMS): 30hrs approximately


    On course completion, the learner should be able to meet the following objectives:

    1. Identification, screening for tobacco abuse and Tobacco use disorder and factors influencing it

    2. Assess the severity of tobacco addiction by using an objective scale

    3. Practice basic counseling and communication skills and brief psychosocial intervention

    4. Prescribe over the counter Nicotine replacement therapy

    5. Decision making about what can be managed by them and what needs to be referred to.

    More details:

     Completed _B36: Doctor: Diploma in Community Mental Health v2.0

    Objectives of this 6 month online course 
     1. Identify the mental health disorders like Anxiety disorders, Depressive Disorders, Alcohol use Disorders, Nicotine use disorders, and Psychotic disorders
    2. Formulate the pharmacological treatment for Depressive disorders, Anxiety disorders, Alcohol use disorders and nicotine use disorders
    3. Prioritize what can be managed by you and what needs to be referred to Specialist  

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